The Supplier Side – Must Do: Leveraging Walmart’s Store Assortment Online Initiative

Consumers continually demand a seamless shopping experience across all platforms. So, the flip side of course is that if a customer can’t find the right product online, it becomes a source of frustration and likely a loss sale. The quest for omni-channel supremacy continues for retailers across the board. Mega retailers, such as Walmart, are investing heavily in e-commerce (think acquisition).

In the case of Walmart, it’s been 14 months since the company announced their Store Assortment Online  (SAO) Initiative requiring suppliers to provide images and descriptions for all SKUs sold in-store, for use on In case you need a refresher, the SAO initiative means that Walmart is requiring suppliers; to provide online content for their products, whether sold online and/or in-store. This includes all eligible items, including perishable food items.  According to Walmart, “This applies to all SKUs in all categories regardless of store count.”

Walmart’s commitment is clear.  They are putting major effort towards winning the omni-channel shopper. Walmart wants to create a seamless shopping experience whether online or in-store.

The idea behind the SAO initiative is focused around the consumer. The more a consumer can see, feel, learn and experience a product through an online search, the more likely the consumer is to purchase both online and in-store.  While this SAO initiative is a winning strategy for Walmart, it becomes an enormous opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers.

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