Ask the Experts at GS1 Connect

“Ask the Experts” about Major Release 3 at 1WorldSync Annual User Group and GS1 Connect Conference

Major Release 3 at GS1 Connect

Major Release 3 will be a big topic of conversation at the 1WorldSync Annual User Group and GS1 Connect.  Conference attendees will have the opportunity to interact with 1WorldSync MjR3 experts 1-on-1 and in group sessions.

Every year, 1WorldSync hosts its Annual User Group conference co-located with GS1 Connect.  This year, the events will be held in Austin, Texas.  If you haven’t yet registered, sign up today.

1WorldSync Annual User Group attendees will benefit from:

  • Networking events for invaluable face to face time with trading partners, community leaders and 1WorldSync executives
  • Peer-led topics and share group breakouts
  • Knowledge for critical implementation practices
  • Updates from prominent industry leaders
  • Intelligence on the latest industry insights and trends

Where to Find an Expert

At 1WorldSync Annual User group on Monday, June 1st, a General Update Session will be given describing the high-level implications of Major Release 3 for 1WorldSync customers.  Later in the day, an optional “Ask the Experts” session will be held for Machine-to-Machine users, focusing on technical details and delving into in-depth Q&A.

From June 2nd through June 4th, you will have the opportunity to attend an “Ask the Expert” session at the 1WorldSync booth #300 in the Exhibit Hall at the GS1 Connect.  15 minute demo sessions will be interspersed with questions and answers.  Daily AM and PM sessions will be held during booth hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Priority will be given to those who sign up in advance, so be sure to register for an Ask-the-Experts session as soon as registration opens in May.

MjR3 experts will be on-hand to answer your questions throughout the conference.  Look for the 1WorldSync team wearing green “Ask Me about Major Release 3” buttons.  If you’re interested in obtaining more Education and Training on Major Release 3, be sure to ask an Expert about our Major Release Essentials LIVE Sessions.

Stay in the loop
Emails containing valuable information about making the most of your conference experience will be sent to Annual User Group Registrants beginning in May.  Remember to book your “Ask the Expert” session as soon as registration opens. Use the Opt-In Form to let us know if you or someone else in your organization should be added to our Major Release 3 Mailing List.  Check 1WorldSync’s MjR3 microsite for the latest updates and documentation.  And stay tuned – additional notifications and documentation will be sent via email to 1WorldSync customers!

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