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I am excited to introduce the 1WorldSync blog where you can learn about the latest happenings with our solutions, be educated on best practices from our experts and get connected to your community, while following 1WorldSync bloggers around the world.

I am Brianna Feeney, 1WorldSync’s Vice President of Global Marketing.  Do you know who we are?  If not check out 1worldsync.com, our breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise, with over 15,000 customers across 54 countries, has made us the global leaders in the product information network.  I am here to give 1WorldSync a voice so you can hear what our experts have to say, based on their decades of experience in the industry.  Whether you are a brand owner, manufacturer, supplier, retailer, distributor, GPO in Healthcare, Hardlines, CPG or Foodservice, our solutions support you and our experts get you!  We are all consumers so we understand the demand consumers have for robust quality product information to make smart purchasing decisions.  Consumer safety is a priority and at 1WorldSync we have the right services and solutions to enable you to manage your product information to be trusted by your customer.

With this launch, we will introduce our first fearless bloggers, who will target topics both locally and globally.  Our blogs will be available in multiple languages, across many regions, driving different discussions.  The blogs will be updated weekly and over time we will introduce new bloggers.  Also we will have a Spotlight blog highlighting the hottest topics in the market today such as: regulatory mandates, digital assets, industry initiatives, key events and more…

Bookmark blog.1worldsync.com to stay ahead in your market!

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