I use WS|Publishing UI…How Will Major Release 3 Affect Me?

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As a part of our #AskMjR3 video series, we have been identifying and answering some of the most Frequently Asked Questions posed by our user community regarding Major Release 3.

One common question posed by users of the WS|Publishing User Interface (UI) is how Major Release 3 will affect them, as the test environment has not yet been released.

Good news for WS|Publishing UI users!  The biggest change will be the look and feel of the attributes in the WS|Publishing interface.  There will also be some new and deprecated attributes as well as code list changes and changes to validations.

3 steps to Major Release 3 Readiness for WS|Publishing UI users:

  1. Consult the  Major Release 3 Checklist for the WS platform to get an overview of the  steps needed to be MjR3 ready.
  2. Identify the attributes you are currently using and any changes to code lists or validations, using the documentation linked in the Checklist.
  3. Once the UI MjR3 test environment is up and running, complete testing in the new environment to insure data integrity and quality.

As always, reach out to us at mjr3@1worldsync.com or participate in our #AskMjR3Expert Question-and-answer video series by tweeting @1WorldSync or posting your MjR3 questions in our LinkedIn discussion group.


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