Omnipresent Approach to Next Generation Retail

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Did you know that *over $272,000 is spent online every minute and **72% of people are influenced socially through ratings, reviews and recommendations? Shopping behavior has changed significantly due to the multitude of online channels with information that is easily accessible to consumers to help make smart purchase decisions. Traditionally purchase decisions were influenced through advertisements and promotions directly from the brand owner or retailer. This trend is changing significantly and today’s shoppers increasingly leverage information from multiple online channels provided through mobile devices and social networks to enrich their shopping experience.

The evolution for the demand of comprehensive product information has predominantly been driven by the consumer. Technology and connectivity has empowered consumers to expect more granular product details; such as ingredient and allergen information, technical specifications and chemical ingredients. In addition to core product details, consumers expect to see conveniently related information from external sources such as social media, reviews, news and blogs.

The consumer’s demand for this expanded information has put pressure on the Retail industry and is undergoing a massive transition; consider the rise of the omnipresent approach to next generation retail and the investments in omni-channel technology that the retail and consumer goods verticals are making.

For those businesses that do not embrace omni-channel commerce they are putting themselves at a risk to lose market share and impact sales.  This in turn can devalue their brand, reputation and could possibly impact their credibility within the trading partner community.

1WorldSync’s Omni-Channel Commerce solution delivers rich and trusted product content, including digital assets and insights – to engage customers and consumers – regardless of location or medium, will help to enable marketing, eCommerce, agencies & mobile application providers to drive revenue – using trusted product information, images and assets, from original owners.  So our customers can keep up with their customers’ demands.

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